Singles Only 2020 : Carl Rundown Band – Change It

Carl Rundown Band – Change It

Genre: Rock

Release date: 20th April 2020

Like rock that has a bit of a western feel to it but not that standard country sound? Bit of a gypsy punk sound to it? Thought you did. You’re only human. Carl Rundown Band today released their latest track ‘Change It’ and it’s as dancey a song as you’re likely to hear today.

The story focuses on people who seem to turn to booze to solve their problems and how now is the time to….yeah you guessed: ‘Change It’. The track is full of energy and almost impossible to sit down through as your feet will be tapping, head bopping and before you know it you’ll be square dancing even though it doesn’t quite fit.

This is the sort of song plays in movies when the main character has an epiphany and is returning triumphantly. It’s a song that makes you feel good knowing that it is in your control. Get this on, loud, and have some fun.

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