Singles Only 2020 : Ill Will – Dispose

Ill Will – Dispose

Genre: Hard Rock

Release date: 6th April 2020

With a futuristic sounding intro followed by female vocals supported by simplistic instruments, this is not a standard rock song. Ill Will are bringing you a grungey, hard rock track that sounds a little different to anything you’re listening to right now.

In an attack on consumerism that comes at a times where people probably find themselves with more time than ever to peruse those rainforesty type sites. The message has never been more important and the delivery feels appropriate too.

This a gritty and deep track that hasn’t been polished to be unrecognisable. It’s fun and dirty. This is the sort of song you want to see played live in a room with 50 strangers packed in far too tight. Wonder if we’ll ever be allowed to do that again?

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