Singles Only 2020 : Bob Vylan – We Live Here

Bob Vylan – We Live Here

Genre: Punk

Release date: 27th March 2020

Some songs are all about fun and escapism which is great, you know? Sometimes you need to leave the world behind for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes though the world needs a punch in the face and the way to do that can often be to just give it one.

Bob Vylan is doing just that and a little more in this punky, grungey, dirty track, ‘We Live Here’. The track is rife with personal experiences of racism from the supposedly culturally accepting capital of England and is as politically motivated as any song you’re likely to hear.

After getting a fuckload of acclaim for 2019’s releases, 2020 has started sensationally and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to stop. This is relentlessly intense, it’s important and it’s relevant. This is a due on the rise and it could see them becoming one of the most acclaimed bands in the UK in no time.

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