Singles Only 2020: Shadows Like Strangers – Leave Me In The Shadow

Shadows Like Strangers – Leave Me In The Shadow

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 13th March 2020

Nottingham three-piece Shadows Like Strangers are here with their latest single, ‘Leave Me In The Shadow’, and it’s one that needs the spotlight shone brightly on it.

The alternative rock outfit have produced a song in ‘Leave Me In The Shadow’ that is littered with riffs, catchy hooks and anthemic vibes. It’s a track that is constructed with great maturity but at the same time feels care-free and rebellious in its performance. Frontman Jezza Bruce delivers the impassioned vocal performance of a man who has a lot that he needs to get off his chest. Meanwhile, Paul Davies behind the drum kit, and Aaron Stuart on guitar, do a phenomenal job of creating an atmosphere on the track that sounds as frantic as the words echoing throughout.

‘Leave Me In The Shadow’ by Shadows Like Strangers is a fantastic single that deserves to be sung along to with every play as though it’s the last time you’ll ever get the chance.

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