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Singles Only 2020: Sakoya – Wasted Soul

Sakoya – Wasted Soul

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 21st February 2019

Up next we have another American band in the form of Sakoya and their single from the end of last month, ‘Wasted Soul’.

With a stronger focus on the lyrics than most songs have, it would be easy to get lost in them and, when you listen you the vocal delivery is so encapsulating it is easy to do just that, but musically the song is a fun listen too. With elements popping in and disappearing throughout the whole song, there is always something new to focus on and that’s a great way of keeping the listener engaged.

This isn’t a band that you’ll listen to and think they’ve done something brand new, they’re a band that are using a tried and tested formula for the most part, but doing it in a way which is fresh and interesting.



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