Singles Only 2020: Rundown Kreeps – Yellow Truck

Rundown Kreeps – Yellow Truck

Genre: Ska // Punk

Release Date: 11th February 2020

In this time of uncertainty across the globe it is up to music to bring people together (metaphorically, remain indoors) and ska is one of the most uplifting genres of rock to exist.

‘Yellow Truck’ is a collection of stories which would normally seem ridiculous, but the guys in Rundown Kreeps have something about them that makes you think that being offered acid in the middle of a forest they’re lost in is completely normal. Maybe it’s the upbeat nature, maybe it’s the fact they sound like your favourite band from the skate punk years. Who knows.

What is obvious though, is that these guuys will be an absolute riot live and this is something we should all be looking forward to…in a few months though.


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