Singles Only 2020: The Boastfuls – Tequila

The Boastfuls – Tequila

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 27th December 2019

Pennsylvania trio The Boastfuls are the latest band to use a song name that is so synonymous with another track you assume it can only be a cover. As with Time Warp by AKiVa The Band, ‘Tequila’ is not that song, but a hard rock track that feels familiar but new all at the same time.

The Boastfuls are new to the scene in terms of releases, with ‘Tequila’ being their debut single after a year of making their name in their local scene and it is evident immediately that their hard/alt rock sound has been honed to a tee through relentless live shows and coming together and being a succinct unit.

  Strong vocals in the ilk of Aaron Buchanon drive the track on and there are no weak elements on show. It’s the sort of song you hear passing by a stage at a festival and immediately stop and take notice. Do that now. 


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