Singles Only 2020: AKiVa The Band – Time Warp

AKiVa The Band – Time Warp

Genre: Hard/Rap Rock

Release Date: 17th January 2020

Putting it out there from the start, it’s not a cover of that ‘Time Warp’. This song is about as far from a camp, cross-dressing Richard O’Brien as you can get.

AKiVa The Band are an American band that have their roots firmly in the hip-hop world and that’s evident in everything from the lyrics, vocals and even down to the music itself. There are elements of both world brought together here and they’re so cohesive you barely even notice they aren’t always together.

With an undercurrent of reggae in there too it’s little surprise the band are from Tampa, Florida where so many cultures meet and merge. It’s a match made in heaven and ‘Time Warp’ is a powerful song putting out more energy than you would expect from a recorded single. 


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