Singles Only 2020: Roses Are Dead – Fake

Roses Are Dead – Fake

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date: 17th January 2020

2020 will see Idaho based Roses Are Dead enter their fifth year as a band and with that a certain amount of maturity has entered their music.

‘Fake’ is a track pulling no punches at it takes on people who are likely to stab you in the back. It’s the perfect song to put on when you’ve been betrayed and need to let off some steam. There’s every chance that you’ll be wanting to walk through walls as riffs carry you with some electronic elements pulling you up to the sense of euphoria.

The very metalcore combination of clean and dirty vocals makes perfect sense and the clean vocals are just a step above of the ‘norm’ for metalcore style bands. Roses Are Dead are pushing a familiar style in a slightly new direction here and it just works.


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