Singles Only 2020: VVYNN – Exhale

VVYNN – Exhale

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 11th December 2019

Belgium isn’t exactly synonymous with rock music. Google Belgian rock music in fact and the only band I immediately recognise is Puggy who I saw support Incubus many moons ago. There’s always one band who can change that though and VVYNN are trying to be said band.

Immediately noticeable is how raw the vocals are, think bands like Milk Teeth and Marmozets but with a Florence Welch vibe in there too. Laced over flowing riffs it feels like these two tones were born to be together.

‘Exhale’ is a perfect example of a band playing to their strength and reaping the rewards of doing so. Vocally it may take some getting used to but again you will be rewarded for the effort you put in.


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