Singles Only 2019: Holstrum – It Was Me, I Killed Her

Holstrum – It Was Me, I Killed Her

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 13th December 2019

Kicking off like the love-child of many a Coal Chamber song and song of the more classic Limp Bizkit tracks, it’s not long before ‘It Was Me, I Killed Her’ sets its stall out as a ball-busting, bass fuelled beast of a track.

Holstrum have only been plying their trade since 2018 but, including a few lineup changes, they’ve settled into a cohesive unit that is capable of putting out massive songs like this. This is a declaration that as a band they’ve put past feuds behind them and what a way to do it.

If you’re listening to the band play this live in a gritty, dank venue in the middle of a cold winter, you’re probably going to leave with a fire back in your heart. It’s impossible to just sit there, this song won’t just happen around you. It will pick you up and get your head banging.


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