Singles Only 2019: Rideau – Blood On Our Hands

Rideau – Blood On Our Hands

Release Date: 12th December 2019

With a booming intro and some powerful chugging it feels like this track is going to be about one thing – heaviness. That is until the 30s mark where the vocals kick in and everything slows down a little. This is where ‘Blood On Our Hands’ really starts to grow as a track.  

 Rideau are a Swedish band that sit comfortably in the middle of so many genres that it’s impressive their sound is so rounded and it is that rounded-ness that sets this song apart. There are so many different elements on show here it feels almost impossible for them to be so cohesive but the vocals mix with the indie style guitars one minute before the drumming and bass pulls the track another way.  

 This is a rock song through and through – just not quite as you know it.  


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