Singles Only 2019: Visc – Eater Of Things

Visc – Eater Of Things


Release Date: 27th November 2019

Sometimes you can listen to a track and, with no background, just get the complete wrong end of the stick. That would 100% be the case with ‘Eater Of Things’ from Visc who have created a track that is about a chap called Tarrare, a Frenchman from the 1700s. On the surface though, this track seems like it’s just about modern consumerism. Good job we have the background for the track, eh?


As a track, ‘Eater Of Things’ has that QOTSA style of catchy riffs and vocal flow that just captures your attention immediately. Add to that a bit of a ‘My Sharona’ vibe and they’re on to a winner here immediately. Get on this one quick, those favourite tracks of the year lists could be about to be torn up.

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