Singles Only 2019: Blight – Visions


Blight – Visions

FFO: Touché Amoré, Counterparts

Release Date: 1st June 2019

Earlier this year London quintet Blight released their debut album Paradise to a rapidly growing fanbase around the London area, ‘Visions’ is one of the highlights from that album and for me personally one of the highlights of the year.

‘Visions’ is a song that feels right for winter. It’s full to the brim of passion and has so much energy it puts some of the biggest bands out there to shame. It’s a song that fits in perfectly alongside contemporaries like Touché Amoré where the emotion practically pours out of every note.

We may be a bit late to this game but that doesn’t matter. Blight feel like a band destined to play 2000trees Festival in the future. they just need your help to break down the shackles of London first.

Bandcamp: blightgeistt.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blightgeist/

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