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Gallery: Deaf Havana @ Brighton Concorde 2 6/11/19

And they’re back! It’s been a big year for Alt-rock Norwich boys, earning they’re right to being at the top of the list for the headline spot at 2000 Trees festival. Keeping they’re name in the industry spotlight, Deaf Havana have slipped in an end of year tour to see the year out with a big bang.

Arriving in Brighton to kick off the tour, Deaf Havana strip it back to basics, with their signature neon light from the ‘Worship’ music video illuminating the room, a small stage and themselves. The 4 piece band really wanted to give their fans a taste for their backlog, from ‘Rituals’ to ‘Fools and Worthless Liars’ and jumping from one album to the next giving a real change up between eras of Deaf Havana. James Veck-Gilodi and co came across extremely humbled from the support of the crowd over the years, and took a moment for a genuine thank you for letting the boys live out their dream over a 10 year period.

Closing in on the acoustically based Hunstanton Pier, James tore into a cover of Marilyn Manson, belting out the lyrics as the crowd erupted into a frenzy of excitement.

A truly enjoyable night, ending on the belter ‘Caro Padre’ and utterly owning the stage, Thank you for having us Deaf Havana!


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