Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #37

Childrain – The Valley Of Hope


Kicking us off on a bumper episode of Singles Only today aer Childrain and their track ‘The Valley Of Hope’. The band are touring with Gwar and Voivod so that gives you a bit of background about the type of band that we have here. ‘The Valley Of Hope’ is a melodic metal track that soars from the very start before carrying you in its wings for just over four minutes. This is Basque music like you’ve never heard it before and it perfectly captures what melodic metal is. This is a band to keep an eye on for sure.


Planeshifter – Icarus

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Taking things up a notch are Canadian metalcore band Planeshifter who come pounding out of the blocks on ‘Icarus’. Canada is a haven of heavy when you think that Annihilator, Cancer Bats and many more hail from the snowy lands of North America and Planeshifter are looking to continue that legacy. ‘Icarus’ is five minutes of hooks, breakdowns and powerful riffs. Not for the faint hearted this one.


Northern Remains – The End

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Heading south of the border now to Ohio where Northern Remains are setting out their stall. ‘The End’ takes a long look at the difficulties of life and tackles the important subject of just not feeling ok. Their post-hardcore style truly brings out the passion in their words and musically it is the perfect backdrop to the powerful vocals. Despite first releasing music this year, the band have had a difficult start to life with original vocalist, Cory Robson, losing his life and various lineup changes. You can feel these experiences oozing out of the band and they are using it to the best of their abilities. Northern Remains has the potential to be an important project.


Oddnote – My Little Lady

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Kicking off similar to a classic Green Day track, ‘My Little Lady’ from Oddnote couldn’t be much further from that in reality. This is a traditional sounding rock track with some strong vocals that elevate the track beyond that. Oddnote is the brainchild of Nashville, Tennessee based Arman Asadsangabi and is making waves already. With a strong bass line to the track and a fun drum beat this is a song that is easy to relate to but engaging all the same.


Cecil Frena – Titan

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Back to Canada next is ‘Titan’ by Cecil Frena, a track that promises from the off to drain any remaining energy that you may have left. The track is a self-proclaimed love letter to the emo tracks of yesteryear and it feels like even more than that, it feels like a track that has been born out of everything that emo meant and brought to the modern day. If Creeper were Canadian I imagine this is something like what they would have sounded like. A fast paced and just frankly fun track.


Fake & The Soul Aesthetic – Bamboola

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Finally today we have Fake & The Soul Aesthetic which sees a union of LA based musicians come together to create something special. With Fake out front, this band is bringing together so many different elements of rock it’s hard to keep up. There are Queen influences, Prince elements and just a funky vibe all the way through. If your feet can keep up they will be tapping all the way home.


That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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