Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #36

Never Home – Landslide


Heading back to the 00s again we have Never Home and their pop punk track ‘Landslide’. This song channels bands like Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World at their peaks, providing a punky track with that tinge of emo that everyone loves but everyone hates that they love…still with me? This feels like the sort of song I used to put on on the way home from school on the back of the bus and evokes all sorts of nostalgic memories. There are tinges of bands like Max Raptor in there, but this track is moodier and will speak to you a bit more.


Sea Girls – Violet


If you’re looking for a fun indie style track that just oozes Summer then ‘Violet’ by Sea Girls is that track. It is a song that throws you back to the height of indie rock in the mid 00’s when bands like The Kooks were at their peak. With a Reading Festival appearance to come in August and Annie Mac already having given the band her blessing the future for Sea Girls is as bright as the day seems when you pop this track on. Everything just seems to pick up a bit with the energy and optimism that ‘Violet’ puts out there.


That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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