Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #35

Embers Fall – Heart Shaped Black Scar

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Kicking off with some mildly offensive auto-tune you might be considering hitting skip pretty quickly on this one. It’s worth it not to though as you’re met with a powerful track combining elements of bands like Crossfaith and their electronic style with vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on tracks by Dragonforce or Disturbed. ‘Heart Shaped Black Scar’ is a powerful song that drives through many different elements seamlessly. It’s the sort of song you could see yourself having a good old jump around to live.


Veritah – Play Dead

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‘Play Dead’ by Veritah is a much more rounded rock track with many similarities to the likes of Royal Blood in terms of both number of band members and style of track. The Canadian duo have written a full-bodied rock track that rarely sounds like it’s just the two of them in the band. ‘Play Dead’ may only hit the 3-minute mark but in those three minutes it packs more than its fair share of punches and all of them land. This is the first time the band have featured on MNN since August last year and it’s a welcome return for sure.


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