Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #34

No Time For Reason – Reviver

If you like your rock super serious then you can move on, No Time For Reason are new on the pop-punk scene and here for a good time. They’re bringing a massively high tempo romp of a rock track to your ears in the form of ‘Reviver’ and it comes with some surprisingly gritty vocals that are reminiscent of funkier rock than this. This may be a band new on the block but they’re bringing plenty of experience with them and, most importantly, a whole heap of talent. We’ll be hearing a lot more about these boys as they go about making a name for themselves.


Blacklist Regulars – Superhuman

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With some strong support slots under their belts already (Saving Abel, Adelitas Way & more), Blacklist Regulars are already making waves and ‘Superhuman’, a song that frontman Luke Keating describes as being ‘written around the idea that it’s ok to not be ok sometimes”. This is evident through the lyrics initially but musically there is an element of hopelessness about the track too, it’s deep and thoughtful but not to the point where it isn’t enjoyable. Some almost beautiful guitar work gives the track an optimistic nature.


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