Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #33

Cross Dog – Scars


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Sometimes it’s hard to connect with a song first time you hear it, on the odd occasion though, you’ll find a band that you just get. Immediately. Cross Dog are certainly the latter and ‘Scars’ is already making me want to dive straight into them as a band. With such a massive amount of energy pouring out of a song for the better part of three and a half minutes there’s nowhere to hide. This is feminist punk drawing from a myriad of genres all resulting in the exact sort of track you would expect from a Canadian band with Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats to use as inspiration. I can’t recommend this song highly enough.


Stay Voiceless – Where’s Our Revolution Summer?

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Stay Voiceless area band with their finger both on the pulse of now and the late 90s. As soon as ‘Where’s Our Revolution Summer?’ kicks in you can hear the Manic Street Preacher’s influence but with a chunkier bass to it. As the song progresses there are elements of InMe that come to the fore and if this was the latest Jamie Lenman track you’d be left wondering why the frontman doesn’t look Victorian anymore. This is a track that should be being played at 2000trees for sure.


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