Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #32

Gallery 47 – Rolling Tight

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In a song reminiscent of California in the 1970s, Gallery 47’s ‘Rolling Tight’ features catchy guitars accompanied by a keyboard style that lifts you up and transports you to a sunshine state of mind that only the Golden State can provide. The vocals that lie over the top of this are timid and that, for once, adds to the atmosphere of the song, instead of trying to override it and steal the spotlight. This is a refreshing change to the usual formula and elevates the song.



Melted – Bigger Maggots

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Melted are going about their business at the moment with a degree of energy that is rarely seen in studio work. ‘Bigger Maggots’ is their latest effort and has all the punkiness you’d want from a band like this, but the vocals lean a bit further towards the ‘indie’ side of rock. This is a statement of intent from a band that could find themselves racing up your list of current favourites. Grab a beer and put this on loud.


The Finger Guns – Go Away


This one is a bit more of a traditional punky sound. The Finger Guns are an old-school band and ‘Go Away’ is a modern take on a genre they obviously love. The song is dirty and gritty with a strong message running through it, one that every listener will probably be able to connect to. This isn’t an ‘off the shelf’ punk track, despite hitting so many of the hallmarks of the genre. It’s a track you could pump up when in the car or sinking a few beers with mates. How dynamic.


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