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Festival Preview: Ramblin’ Man Fair 2019

Ramblin’ Man Fair is coming up fast, and we’re going to share with you the bands you should check out over the weekend!


The Lazys. First up on the Planet Rock stage are an Australian group. They released their debut album Tropical Hazards last year, and haven’t stopped pushing since. With their old school riffs with a modern twist, it’s hard not to fall in love with their enthusiasm, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Kris Barras Band. Being the only band to have played Ramblin’ Man Fair three years in a row has to count for something right? They’re a hybrid of rock, blues and country, and it’s not something I’d usually sit and listen to, but I can’t get enough of this. Is it the gravelly voice or sexy riffs? We’ll have to see!

FM. Formed in the 80’s, with a 12 year break and a comeback in 2007, FM have certainly made it clear they belong in the music industry. They’ve still got a strong 80s feel to their music but it’s ultimately feel-good catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. It’s certainly on the top of my list this weekend!

The Wildhearts. A heavier mood from The Wildhearts, this is the ultimate opportunity to head bang. They’ve been through a lot over the last 25 years – starting out with fragments of broken up bands, and with so many line-up changes I can’t keep up with them. I’m pumped to hear that gravelly voice and hear those glam-esque riffs.

The Darkness. The first headliner for the weekend, The Darkness. With their new album Easter Is Cancelled out this October, we’re hoping to hear some new tracks! Even though their 2003 release Permission To Land is one of my all time favourite albums, hearing new music just means there’s more to love! The Darkness always know how to put on a good show, I’ve been lucky enough to see them a few times and it’s impossible for them to disappoint.


RavenEye. Hitting the Planet Rock stage first on Saturday is power-rock trio RavenEye. Having already toured with huge rockers such as Slash ft. Myles Kennedy, they’ve certainly got their name out there. With their high-energy power-house tracks and their heavy riffs, this is one I’m looking forward to catching.

VOLA. Hailing all the way from Denmark, VOLA are the definition of exploration of music. Mixing together electronica, metal, progressive rock and clean vocals, and a very creative take on their music videos such as ‘Smartfriend’, I’m intrigued to see if there’s any production aspects live.

Ugly Kid Joe. Now, I’ve never seen Ugly Kid Joe live before, but I have seen some videos! They’re on my list because they simply look like good fun with a pop-punk attitude. The music is classic pop-metal, intertwined with a parodic sense of humour and bratty lyrics – and I love it!

Pain Of Salvation. Swedish progressive metal group Pain Of Salvation are right up my alley in the line-up this weekend. With eery sounds throughout, experimentation of time signatures, emotional lyrics and a hard-hitting rock approach, they’re a band I’d love to catch.

The Temperance Movement. Classic, feel-good, crowd-pleasing music, the perfect choice for a spot at Ramblin’ Man Fair. The gritty and a bluesy tone in the vocals is what makes me love this band, I’ll definitely be at the main stage for this one.

Cheap Trick. If you’ve not heard of Cheap Trick, where have you been? Plus you’re definitely lying to yourself. Producing some of the most covered music of all time such as ‘I Want You To Want Me’, and writing Top Gun track ‘Mighty Wings’, these songs will light up the stage.

Black Stone Cherry. Our headliners for today are Black Stone Cherry. Having played Ramblin’ Man Fair back in 2016, they’ve earned their spot on this stage. Southern rockers released their album Family Tree last year, and I love that they’re so humble and to remember where you came from, and that’s where this album stands. I’m excited to see these guys play songs from this album, and hopefully some older tracks too!


King Creature. We’re heading off to some heavier music with King Creature. In their quite short career as a band, they’ve made sure they’re heard by opening a show for Motörhead back in 2015. If you’re a fan of Alice In Chains and Those Damn Crows, you should check them out to start off the day, I will be!

Inglorious. Now, we couldn’t possibly come to Ramblin’ Man Fair and not see Inglorious. With frontman Nathan James’ beautiful vocals, their music has a bluesy rock energy, with some darker themes throughout their lyrics.

Crobot. Known for their raucous and raging gigs, you’ll be in for a treat with Crobot. They’ve got the vocals, they’ve got the riffs, they’ve got the energy, make sure to head to the Grooverider stage for this one.

Airbourne. I’ve been a fan of Airbourne for a couple of years, and I’ve never had the chance to see them. I love their sleezy and ‘don’t care’ attitude in their songs, and this is something I’d like to see live. From what I can see, you can tell that they just love what they do, and I’m hoping that energy comes across in full force from the stage. Do they take themselves too seriously? I don’t think so! And I think the music scene needs that sometimes.

Orange Goblin. Moving on to a heavier tone, closing up the Groovier stage is Orange Goblin. We expect a tight set from these guys with non-stop heavy riffs and gritty vocals, and it’s bound to be a good one!

Foreigner. Producing some of the most well-known classic rock songs from the 80’s such as ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’, ‘Juke Box Hero’ and ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’, we wouldn’t want to miss Foreigner close up the Planet Rock stage. With these songs to belt out to your hearts content, you’d be a fool to miss it.

It’s not too late to buy your Ramblin’ Man Fair tickets. Don’t miss out, it’s going to be a great weekend! Purchase your tickets here!



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