Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #20

Another exciting week in the land of ‘Singles Only….’

SWMRS – Too Much Coffee


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SWMRS caused a lot of controversy ’round my social circles with half being enamored by the Cali band and the other half turning their nose up at them – which of course, means the punks are doing their job right. Upping the snot and taking away the polish would turn this band into something brilliant, but as it goes ‘Too Much Coffee’ is an enjoyable indie-punk tune that I imagine lighter pop-punk fans would properly dig.

Aviary Girl – Telling Stories

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Often, when bands sound like the past, they’re met with a rolled eye and complaints from myself. However, Aviary Girl just sound like home.

Sounding like a pop-punk band from 2008 who took a time-traveling trip to the era of Turnover and Citizen at their best, Aviary Girl are youthful and soothing without compromising a captivating nature, punk edge or skill. They incorporate more math-esque sections and feature delightful vocals. This is an exciting band.

Jours – Trick


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Not only does this song feel like it was out in the late 80s, but it feels like an old school indie classic in the same way that we talk about ‘Pretty In Pink’ or ‘This Is the Day’. It’s not easy to write a song that sounds like this, you can copy a band as much as you like but it takes genuinely great writing to craft something as interesting as Jours have in ‘Trick’.

Abbie Ozard – Growing Pains


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DREAM POP GUITARS! CATCHY LYRICS! SOFT FEMALE VOCALS! Yes, yes, yes. A checklist to be the object of my love. The jangly guitars play to my heart with the vocals tapping into the soft spot that only women’s voices can hit. ‘Growing Pains’ a gorgeous flowing adventure that I’m gonna keep taking.

That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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