Singles Only 2019- Round-up #18

In our next edition ‘Singles Only 2019’, we will be jetting off around the world to the likes of Norway and The USA to find the best new music. So chill out, read the review whilst listening to them on our Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to follow it to keep up to date with the best and brightest in rock!

Sweet Fever- Morning Light


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One of my favourite new bands have done it again! Sweet Fever share their latest single ‘Morning Light’, an upbeat, faster paced rocker which combines the classic rock feel of bands like The Beatles and The Eagles with the alternative rock styling of Kings of Leon. Its rhythm section is solid, its vocals are gritty yet soulful and of course is completed by a lovely guitar solo from Nolan Brown proving them to be a band for all ages to enjoy.
Rock N Roll is alive and well and Sweet Fever are here to prove it.

The Low Blow- Undertow

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The Low Blow is a skillet of ideas and influences with roots in Soul, Indie Rock and Pop.
‘Undertow’ shows The Low Blow’s angstier side as the song follows the struggles of a man who finds himself folding under the weight of being enough for his loved ones, and he finds himself being sucked into the undertow of internal guilt.
Musically, it features a background strings and synths which only aid the imagery of the lyrics in your mind. This is melded together with soaring vocals, a robust rhythm section and sprawling guitar work.

FELIN- Black Heart


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FELIN is a Swedish audiovisual duo consisting of songwriter/ artist Elin Blom and photographer/ director Fredrik Etoall. Their material is unashamedly theatrical with the dark humour of Quentin Taratino being present throughout.
‘Black Heart’ fuses the energy of a hard rock band, the guitar work of a blues band and the melody of a pop artist. The production is unmistakably modern but it doesn’t feel overdone like so many new bands. ‘Black Heart’ is the lead single from their upcoming debut albums scheduled for an autumn release and if it’s all as good as this, we may be look at a contender for album of the year.

Beach Of Diamonds- Up All Night


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Beach of Diamonds is a relatively new Norwegian band that got together because they were rehearsing in the same building, heard each other through the walls and decided to join forces. Their brand of pop punk nods to their own teenage punk roots to the likes of Green Day and Blink 182 whilst putting their own modern spin on it.
In ‘Up All Night’ the duo have created an uplifting single which will both entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Vanderr- New Tomorrow


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Another band which has very quickly become a personal favourite. ‘New Tomorrow’ opens up with Queen-esque before Aldo Vanderr’s vocals kick in; Vanderr seems to have added a nu metal edge to his vocals as they are slightly reminiscent of Jonathon Davis (Korn). Lyrically it “reflects upon the ups and downs in life, the struggle to try to reach all goals in life and to set a footprint of ones achievements.”
This is a wonderful blend of grunge, metal and classic rock but unlike most people who try to please everybody and end up pleasing nobody, I believe Vanderr have found the formula to satisfy all fans of alternative music.

That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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