Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #7

We’re off on a world tour of brand new music with new singles coming from the likes of Sweden, America and Brazil. Sit back, relax and listen to new tunes as you read. Don’t forget to follow our spotify playlist at the bottom of the page to keep up to date with the best and brightest in new rock music!

Autorall – Guts and Gears

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Ever wanted to know what it would sound like if Rammstein went electronica? Well now you can thanks to Autorall. Hailing from Brazil, he fuses electronica with an industrial sound by bringing together synthesizers, drum machines and guitars together to create an energy that you can’t help but be swept up in. The lyrics are fairly repetitive but that only enhances the effect of music which leaves you in an almost trance like state.

James Holkworth and the Coolbenders – Sexy in the USA
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If you like slide guitars, harmonicas and hard rock with a country tinge then you’ll love James Holkworth and the Coolbenders. Based in Sweden but with a sound straight out of Jacksonville, USA, ‘Sexy in the USA’ is the band’s third single from their upcoming album ‘We Want To Be Famous’ due to be released in March. As you can probably guess from the title, this isn’t going to be a song with a great depth of meaning but it’s good fun and will get anyone up and dancing. Combining influences like Johnny Cash and Thin Lizzy, they’ve generated a classic sound for the modern era.

Callow Youth- Did It Really Matter
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Callow Youth is the most hotly tipped thing to come out of Manchester since Marcus Rashford. Their debut single ‘Did it Really Matter’ which was released on Friday, is melodic and infectious whilst speaking into teenage relationships in a world captivated by social media. What’s more amazing is fact that most of them couldn’t play their instrument and had never attempted to write a song, when the band formed less than 2 years ago but are developing a sound which is far more mature than you may assume from their age or experience level.

Kerchief- Evil Parts
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Kerchief bring you ‘Evil Parts’ their 2nd single from their forthcoming album ‘Fluke’ to be released 1st March. Lead singer Brittany Hill said ‘Evil Parts’ is about “those toxic relationships… where the other person brings out the evil parts in you, and also shows the evil parts of themselves, but you’re still addicted to them”. Nice of them to bring it out just in time for Valentine’s Day. Joking aside, its introspection is captivating. It is poppier than lead single ‘Erase Me’ but it’s tight with a good hook and lyrically has more substance than many bands of their type. It’s an exciting glimpse into the future of Indie Rock.

The Vone- Hung Up On You
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Formed in 2016, The Vone’s second EP ‘Setting Gold, Rising Silver’ was released in January, with the highlight being single ‘Hung Up On You’. The riffs chugs along at a decent pace with vocal duty being shared between Cervone and Jayne Ashley, the male/female contrast providing a more dynamic and powerful performance. The track has an almost theatrical feel to it, whilst being undeniably hard rock. Of course, no rock is complete without a guitar solo in which Marek Woloszyn treats us to a humdinger of a solo, 4 minutes in. ‘Hung Up On You’ has plenty of youthful energy whilst nodding to older influences such as Led Zeppelin making this good listening to rock fans of all ages.

That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!

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