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Hey Geronimo – Working For Google


Kicking us off today we have Hey Geronimo with ‘Working For Google’, a track that has the hallmarks of recent Jamie Lenman releases with its fast-paced drums catchy guitar work. Racking up almost four minutes the song is a perfect introduction to a band that transition between elements in their tracks with seamless perfection. This is a band that are creating a special sound of their own within the indie rock genre and doing it in a way that will have you singing along, or at least trying to. Some of those high notes are a bit beyond me.

Commander Keen – Bible Belt


Coming out of Cookeville, TN, Commander Keen will surprise many by combining catchy hooks with vocals both clean and shouted. It’s a recipe that many bands are trying to follow these days and few are nailing…these guys are hitting the nail on the head so hard though. Everything starts out nice and clean. The drums are pacey and the guitars a little fuzzy until you’re about 75 seconds in and it kicks off. From around the 90-second mark the track comes alive and doesn’t look back from there. This is pop-punk with balls.

The Malpractice – Pig Latin


‘Pig Latin’ is a track straight out of the brain of The Malpractice frontman Johannes Gammelby. The Dane has created a sound that harks back to so many of the greatest bands around but feels so unique at the same time. Crossing genres, styles and bridges, ‘Pig Latin’ is a euphoric grunge laden romp through the borderline psychedelic mind of the Dane and what comes out of it is a song that you just want to lump on repeat. More of this please!

Storm Of The Century – Rock N’ Roll Superstar


‘Rock N’ Roll Superstar’ feels like an appropriate name for a band with a sound straight out of Classic Rock. Storm Of The Century are a band that are embracing the sound of years gone by without relying on it to drive them as a band. The song title has the feel of a track that could descend into cliche and, despite some riffs sounding like they’ve been heard before, for the most part, it avoids those cliches and progresses a genre that makes it so hard to break the chains of those gone by.

Para Bellum – Faces


With three years under their belt, Texan hard rockers Para Bellum are starting to build a name for themselves and that is in no small part down to vocalist Kat Freeman. Her lead vocals are immediately enticing and with a band that musically don’t sound too far away from an older Alter Bridge this may be a recipe for success. I would like to hear more of the harsh backing vocals as the contrast is a delight on the ears, but there’s plenty of time for that. ‘Faces’ is a perfect introduction to a band with a fantastic arsenal of talent at their disposal.

Edgewater Angel – I Will


Finishing us off today we have LA based Edgewater Angel and their track ‘I Will’. This is another female fronted band but in a hugely contrasting style to Para Bellum. If you think more along the lines of PVRIS and Marmozets you’re a bit closer to what Edgewater Angel bring to the table. It’s a fast-paced, energetic song that you can just feel will be massive when played live. This is a band that knows what they’re doing and are doing it in a way that a modern audience will love.

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