Singles Only V4.11

No Small Children – Radio


If No Small Children are ever after a 4th member, I’ll be first in line to join that crew. They’re so damn cool. Elementary School teachers by day, rockers by night who don’t shy away from an opinion or completely important views on the issues close to their hearts.

‘Radio’ is a fairly straight ahead pop-rock song, catchy and instrument led, leaning far more on the pop side, but that comes from the band’s animated demeanour and colourful performance. This could just as well be a children’s anthem which is pretty exciting to see considering how punk these 3 women seem. One things for sure though, No Small Children sure are a whole lot heavier than a lot of the “pop-punk” bands popular right now (I’m looking at you, Waterparks).

Destroy Boys – Soundproof


Shock… Paris is a fan of a band called Destroy Boys, Admittedly, as soon as I read the band name, I knew there would be a 90% chance that I’d love this song and hell yeah I was right. It’s got fuzzy guitars, great vocal lines and the coolest of attitudes, not to mention Alexia Roditis’ irresistible voice. ‘Soundproof’ is the story of fear and anxiety over performing live, from listening alone, you’d have no clue how a badass in this band could ever be worried. Yeah, I’ll be listening to these more often.

Moon Goons – Mutation 1


‘Mutation 1’ starts just how the song means to go on; an explosion of noise, experimentation and a whirlwind of sound. Moon Goons seem to live on their own weird island with no contact to the outside world, only able to dabble in psychedelia and make an explosion. Like much of the best music is, this is completely bonkers, well worth your time just to experience once.

This was a bit of a quieter week but still 3 wicked tracks! As always, check out the artists using the links above, or alternatively through our embedded Spotify playlists below, which covers all acts highlighted on our Singles Only series.

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