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HMS Morris – Mother


Oh beautiful avant-garde music, I do love you.

This song is WEIRD. ‘Mother’ starts with the lyrics “I wanna be your mother, and I would smother you for good, I’ll smother you for good”, and it only gets odder from there with the video featuring the heavily pregnant 3-piece giving birth. Vocalist Heledd Watkins has a voice not too dissimilar from the likes of Duffy or Elle King and it completely compliments the bass led funky tone of this experimental pop song. If you feel like pop has gotten too stale in recent years, check these out as a reminder that there are corners of the scene producing some highly innovative stuff!

Tancred – Something Else Feat. Potty Mouth


This song hit me at all of my weak spots; Girl bands, LGBTQ+ representation and the sound of a 00s High-School movie. ‘Something Else’ takes a little longer than hoped to kick it up a notch with the bands full involvement and can often be a bit cringe at times with the dual vocals BUT it does what many bands struggle to do. Create a lasting impression for good. That chorus is stuck in my brain now and thanks to Potty Mouth‘s signature 00s style, I’ll be humming it too.

The Secondhand Empire – Uprising


It took me a while to figure out whether my headphones were broken or The Secondhand Empire were just THAT fuzzed up. It turns up that they do have fuzz to the max. The sound of ‘Uprising’ is one that reminds me of the popular music around when I was getting into rock, the likes of Muse, The White Stripes and most notably, Queens of the Stone Age. Don’t think that this song sounds aged though, enough curve balls and originality are thrown in to give The Secondhand Empire their own unique sound, the great Norwegian accent the icing on the cake.

Wilmette – Turnpike


Like many bands producing Pop-Punk in 2018, there’s no originality in Wilmette‘s sound, Despite this, ‘Turnpike’ is one of the best pop-punk songs I’ve heard all year: it’s easy to impersonate bands like Homesafe and Knuckle Puck, but it’s much harder to write a song as catchy as them. This could just as easily have been released by a titan of the genre as Wilmette and that’s a stamp of quality that bands should wear proudly.

King Brothers – No Was


I thought I’d include the video with this song as it’s managed to perfectly capture the excitement and fun of being in a band. What works best is that the music King Brothers make on ‘No Was’ is one that can only be pulled off if the band is genuinely loving what they do, and they clearly are. The 1 minute 42 second blast of fun, youthful punk energy is not only one that would be played great live but a great tune to use to pump yourself up to. This song completely exudes fun.


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