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Tim Carr – Long Enough Along For the Ride

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‘Long Enough Along For the Ride’ is a dream pop escapade, a mellow guitar led adventure that sends you swinging around the room. It’s delicate and moving, soft and warm but ultimately stunning. The experimentation on the song is complex, yet emotional, there’s a distinct European romanticism to the way it flows and boy does it flow well. Tim Carr has achieved something beautiful in this.


Silent Feature – Stiffs and the Saints

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Bringing Americana to Australia has yielded great results for Silent Feature. Their jangly alternative music features a hell of a lot of surf influences and even more of The Shins. It’s lighthearted in sound with a healthy dose of cheeky Aussie humour in there, ‘Stiffs and the Saints’ is the perfect song to throw on when it’s sunny, it’s a summer anthem.


Vikingo – Set It on Fire

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‘Set It on Fire’ is good old fun rock ‘n roll. It’s catchy, fast and exciting, taking so much from the likes of Wolfmother and Eagles of Death Metal and turning it into a catchy rock extravaganza. These are the perfect band for outdoor festivals, playing the kind of songs that would get an entire field of people dancing. Vikingo are loud and in your face and you should definitely check this song out for a bit of fun.


Fontaine – Deep End

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Fontaine call themselves a hard rock band, I’d say it’s indie with a dark touch to it. They nailed the song title though, the idea of the ‘Deep End’ perfectly sums up their music, it’s enticed by the deeper sounds and darker motifs, it slams along with all the features of indie anthems. The band exude a coolness, a nonchalance in the almost relaxed bass parts, the vocals further this with their casual feel. Fans of a more laid back but instrument heavy sound should love this.


The Vega Bodegas – A Complete History Of Witchcraft

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A garage-punk sound with a nasty glam attitude, The Vega Bodegas are a bizarre bunch. I’m not even sure they know how to properly define themselves and that’s beautiful, it’s just people picking up instruments and letting it rip, singing about what they want and doing as they please.  Like all of the best punk, they’re not defined by musical rules, it’s just brilliant Welsh madness.


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