Singles Only V3.2

Somehow we’ve managed to get to V3 already for the Singles Only feature. Not sure where the time has gone but here’s another 10 bands that should be heading into your ears.

Le Destroy – ‘Run’

Track one today comes from Le Destroy and is entitled ‘Run’. It’s a track that has the soul of Marilyn Manson but the overall feel of something from a Resident Evil game. The industrial tones throughout give it the feeling of being trapped and trying to get out and the backing vocals add to this. ‘Run’ isn’t an overly expansive track. It can get quite repetitive and after a couple of minutes you’re begging for a change and just as you think you’re about to get it, it’s only the vocals that really change. There’s potential for Le Destroy and ‘Run’ is a good example of what they’ve got to offer.


The Shrines – ‘Nightfall’

Moving on to The Shrines we have a female fronted band making fuzzy rock. If you’re a fan of bands like Queens Of The Stone Age then The Shrines might be right up your street. At just over two and a half minutes the track fits in some ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ style riffs, some tempo changes and enough fuzz on those riffs to keep even some of the stoner lovers out there happy. It’s a veritable feast for the ears and one you should allow in right now.


The Lost Wages – ‘High Life’

Slowing things down a touch we head back to the US of A for a bit of country from The Lost Wages and ‘High Life’, a track that combines slide guitar, male and female vocals and lyrics that hit all of the classic country themes. As a band that do so much for their local scene back in Nashville, it’s easy to fall in love with this sibling led band and that’s even before you’ve heard their chilled out Summer singalong.


7he 7ouch – ‘Solution’

A little closer to home now with a band named 7he 7ouch (takes a lot of effort for me to realise they aren’t called The Couch). ‘Solution’ is a hard rock track with a catchy edge. The mix may not be perfect, but the track is fun and keeps things fresh for it’s full three and a half minute run time. One minute you’ve got catchy backing vocals and some brass and next you’ve just got what is one step down from a rap over the drums. By keeping it fresh they’re keeping it interesting and that’s a powerful thing to do these days.


Slydigs – ‘Sleep In The Wind’

Kicking off just as catchy as the previous track, ‘Sleep In The Wind’ sees Slydigs bring a certain degree of class to the ‘indie’ arena. Having already caught the eye of festivals across Europe, these guys might not be as new to some of you as others and it’s the Rolling Stone’s style backing vocals and years gone by vibe to the track that really powers it. If you’re not familiar with these then now is the time to rectify that.


Cult Fantastic – ‘Animal’

With an EP named I Love My Selfie you might start to build a picture of what kind of band Cult Fantastic are and the track ‘Animal’ might just live up to that. “I’m just a different breed proclaim the lyrics as over four minutes of funk are getting underway and you’ll somehow notice your legs have got a mind of their own. If you’re thinking of bands like The Bloodhound Gang then you’re well and truly in the right area…though still some way off. There’s a uniqueness about this band that could see them thrive.


Fragile Soul – ‘Gateway’

Slowing things back down to what almost feels like a standstill, Fragile Soul have released a five and a half minute epic in ‘Gateway’. Utterly absorbing from the outset it’s impossible to focus on anything else as the slow riffs ebb and flow with soft vocals riding the wave throughout. This is the sort of story-like song that belongs on vinyl and is screaming out to be appreciated with a nice glass of red.


Camps – ‘All My Friends’

At less than half the running time ‘All My Friends’ from Camps is almost at the other end of the scale. It’s a female fronted assault. Adopting a ‘soft-loud-soft’ approach the band spends the two and a half minutes building to Nirvana-esque choruses where all of the energy has been stored and unleashed. It’s raw and will get you out of your seat for sure.


Spunk – ‘Fast Dad’

Onto a full bodied punk affair we have Canadian outfit Spunk and their newest track ‘Fast Dad’. Another track pulling less than two and a half minutes, ‘Fast Dad’ is the sort of track you could expect to send you off into a race on one of the old Need For Speed games and, despite some Rush style guitars around 1.45 has a heavy, dirty, pull no punches vibe to it throughout. You’ll need a shower after this one.


Lava Frog – ‘In The Air’

Seeing us off tonight we have Lava Frog with ‘In The Air’. Thankfully not a Phil Collins cover, the track comes from a Newcastle based four-piece that are pulling from all sorts of influences through the years. You can feel some 90s UK indie rock as well as as many others as you could throw your hat on. The track has a fast paced drum beat and truly encapsulates the essence of years gone by. Lava Frog are doing ‘inspiration’ right here by taking bits and pieces of what they love and building it into something new and something different.


V3 is upon and as a result a new playlist is born. Make sure you check out the previous two as well though as there are some brilliant tracks in there.



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