Singles Only V3.1

Somehow we’ve managed to get to V3 already for the Singles Only feature. Not sure where the time has gone but here’s another 10 bands that should be heading into your ears.

Provincial Camps – ‘Temple In The Sky’ | Facebook

Kicking us off today are a Canadian band releasing their second album filled to the brim with simple yet effective, pop style riffs with vocals that are somewhere between The Strokes and Placebo. ‘Temple In The Sky’s is essentially a track that defines the sound of the band and listening to it provokes images of people swaying listening to it live with a pint in hand.


The Martial – ‘Live This Life’| Facebook

Country music from the Netherlands is probably not something you thought you’d be listening to today but ‘Live This Life’ from The Martial is a Country by numbers affair that will get your foot tapping. The main focus throughout is on the vocals and the music behind it is just a backing track for most of it before building to each chorus. ‘I’m gonna live this life today’ is the message of the track and it’s as uplifting as it sounds. One to listen to when you need some motivation.


The Clarks – ‘In Blood’

Picking up the pace a bit but sticking in that County style withhave The Clarks with ‘In Blood’. It’s another track that keeps things nice and easy and that includes the listen. It’s such an easy track to put on from an album, Madly In Love At The End Of The World‘ that it can just fly by in a blink, despite being 45 minutes long. As a song it will make you want to listen to it time and time again and is a perfect song to listen to when driving.


Vadrok – ‘Polvo de Angel’

We’re off to Mexico next for some straight up rock from Vadrok. Their track ‘Polvo de Angel’ is their latest effort and continues on the legacy of mixing metaphor and true events. Largely ignored in the UK, likely due to the language barrier, Vadrok have been making strides overseas and it’s about time that the UK took them seriously. ‘Polvo de Angel’ could be the track to do this.


Blynd Birds – ‘Vice Veins’

From the album Find Your Conscience, Baby, ‘Vice Veins’ is one of the lead singles driving Blynd Birds on. Looking heavily at the issues of addiction the track is an uplifting one, but with an important message behind it. The piano that runs throughout is the key element, aside from the enticing vocals, despite being so simple. It’s an effecting tool that adds an element so often missing.


Silica – ‘Wind-Up Doll’ | Facebook

Hailing from Rhode Island, Silica are doing their best to combine the energy of punk-rock with their indie tones and, despite not always managing it, are doing a decent job. ‘Wind-Up Doll’ is a slow burner that has elements of pop thrown in too. The female fronted vocals are what sets the track apart though with huge depth to them. Without them this track could well just fade into the background.


Enblood – ‘Cast To Exile’ | Facebook

Three years into their existance Enblood are continuing to crush the world with their technical riffs and all round heaviness. The Portuguese quartet have release ‘Cast To Exile’, an English language track that is sure to connect with all death metal fans. It has blast beats, harsh vocals and belting riffs. It’s an all round beast of a track and dully deserving of the praise it has been garnering.


Rocker Arms – ‘Closer To Me’

Taking things a little less seriously are Rocker Arms, a Dutch band recreating the indie rock sound of the early 00s with a more comedic twist and some 1960s guitar vibes. ‘Closer To Me’ is a fast paced track with vocals that some may find it hard to get into. Whether they’re actual words or not, half the time I’m not sure, it doesn’t really matter as the track is fun, funky and fast and echoes that of the rest of the album Leaving Jersey Shore. Music doesn’t always have to be serious.


Tomorrow Is Lost – ‘We Are The Lost’ | Facebook

Opening like something from an Iron Maiden album, ‘We Are The Lost’ has found a home for itself in that balls out rock genre and, despite some issues with the final mix leaving the vocals too prominent, Tomorrow Is Lost is a four-minute epic that uses the old shool vocal style over the top of some modern riffs. It’s an amalgamation and it is working. If this could be remixed to give the whole band the credit it deserves this band could be on to something here.


Pigs Of The Roman Empire – ‘Johnny The Boy’ | Facebook

Finally for today we have the Australian rockers Pig Of The Roman Empire and their slow and steady 8 minute epic ‘Johnny The Boy’. Starting with a fairly simple drum beat the track evolves bringing in each instrument until the vocals kick in after around 90 seconds. It has doom written all over it and each element to the song feeds this. It has the feeling of desperation and of desolation and as a listener is quite a challenge. But it’s a challenge with a big payoff as the song develops in so many different way.


V3 is upon and as a result a new playlist is born. Make sure you check out the previous two as well though as there are some brilliant tracks in there.



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