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Another trip around the world with another 10 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Defenders. – ‘Operator Error’ | Facebook

Kicking us off we have hard rockers Defenders. from Baltimore, Maryland. With the release of their third album imminent they have released ‘Operator Error’. The track builds on their previous two releases with vocals that echo The Bronx’s Matt Caughtrhan at times, though with extra effects on the vocals. The riffs here are filthy, the drumming effective though quite simple. What sets it apart though is the different elements to the track, not sticking to the same pace for longer than 30 seconds at a time.


Overdog – ‘Question Mark’| Facebook | Twitter

Softening things up slightly are Overdog, whose melodic style is a stark contrast to Defenders.. ‘Question Mark’ is a fast paced, well structured affair where the vocals taking centre stage throughout. They’re backed up by intricate yet well combined guitars and drums and create a vibe that is perfect for your Summer playlists. These guys are creating a sound that could easily break into the mainstream, following the trend of softer rock bands doing that recently.


In The Whale – ‘Highways’ | Facebook | Twitter

Another trend that started a few years ago is the ‘rock duo’ that Royal Blood essentially took for their own. A few others have managed to cling on and now we’re starting to see more come through doing their own thing. In The Whaleare one of those and the Denver, Colorado pair have settled on a sound that echoes Weezer and co. The slow, intense sound of the guitar and the drums that enhance that every sound are a perfect background for the big, grungy vocals and as a whole it far eclipses the sum of it’s parts.


The Absurd – ‘Loco Motive’ | Facebook

The blues/psychedelic rock trend has been going on for a few years and is, to a point, coming to its end now. What this means is that a few bands will survive from the main part of the scene and usually a couple of late comers make it to. The Absurd are bidding to be one of those bands and ‘Loco Motive’ is a track that builds on it enough to stand a chance. They have the vibe of bands like Rival Sons in places but then have some heavier, grungier elements, along with not polishing their sound too much, that gives them a chance.


JXV – ‘Noose’ | Facebook

For the second time we’re featuring the ultra heavy tones of JXV on the Singles Only feature and this time it’s their track ‘Noose’ that gets a spin. The first thing to notice is how slow the track is, being driven by a heavy cymbal and a powerful bass drum the track only conjures up two and a half minutes but it’s so intense that that’s all it needs. It feels like it’s slowing your heartbeat down and dragging your breath with it. An impressive feat and one that is not easy to create.


Hit By Pitch – ‘Worms’ | Facebook

Bringing a little more melody to their metal, Hit By Pitch are heavy in that 80s metal kind of way. The vocals are dirty but not quite growled. The drums are faster and the riffs are more melodic. ‘Worms’ is an all round fun track that completely goes against it’s overall message. It gets you banging your head and tapping your foot, ready to go and jump in a pit.


Betty Moon – ‘Parachute’ | Facebook

Changing the pace entirely here is Betty Moon with a track that is so uplifting it’s unbelievable. A funky bassline mixed with a drum beat that is more often seen in pop music, she’s on to a sound that is not usually something we’d listen to but that bassline is just too funky. The rest of her music is very pop but ‘Parachute’ has just about enough of a rocky element running through it to keep music fans interested. It may not be your cup of tea but it’s worth a try.


All Systems Know – ‘Cult’ | Facebook

All Systems Go are up next and bring their rocky tunes over from LA. Musically they’re similar to many bands but the fast paced, ever changing track keeps them fresh enough that any comparisons to other bands are folly. They experiment like The Mars Volta but with vocals over the top closer to Brandon Boyd it means their sound is truly unique but comfortable, even for those not used to that experimental style.


Washed – ‘Spine’ | Facebook

The penultimate band today are Washed and their new track ‘Spine’. The first thing that will hit you here is the similarity to Alice In Chains and Nirvana in terms of the vocal style and that can be a bit of a barrier. It’s quite uncanny to be able to combine those two styles like this. Musically it’s more punky than it is grungy, though it has it’s moments in both areas. The guitars are dirty throughout and the drums punch – following blueprint of both genres well. Enter here with caution, but if you like it you’ll love it.


Hurst – ‘Purple & Green’ | Facebook

Finally we have ‘Purple & Green’ from Hurst, a female fronted grunge rock band from Sydney. Unlike Washed they don’t follow the grunge blueprint quite as closely with higher pitched vocals and a more melodic riff and drumbeat throughout. The band are a fun listen and you can appreciate the soft-loud-soft style of The Pixies coming through. Fans of any of the big female grunge legends will do well to listen to Hurst.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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