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Singles Only V2.5

Another trip around the world but this time with a bumper 10 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Massic – ‘Devolve’ | Facebook

With an intro that would more than likely please many a nu-metal fan (it’s ok, you can admit it now!) Massic bring ‘Devolve’ to the table with coarse vocals, a powerful riff and big drums. The band really have focused on a strong chorus here that, despite coming off the back of smooth transitions from the verses, stands higher with more passion and energy coming through immediately. The grooves are strong here.


The Dead Daisies – ‘Rise Up’| Facebook | Twitter

After clocking up almost a quarter of a million streams already this track may be one that you’re familiar with. With members who have been part of Dio, Whitesnake and Crue to name just a few you know you’re in good company here and musically these guys are already the finished article. Musically you’re in for a good time, though it’s live that these guys really excel. ‘Rise Up’ chugs along unlike any of the bands mentioned before and the vocals are gritty but clean at the same time.


Among Lynx – ‘Time’ | Facebook

Released at the end of June, ‘Time’ from Among Lynx is a slow burner of a track that bears many a resemblance to Audioslave’s ‘Like A Highway’ in terms of pace and the vocal style in places. The addition of some brass is always welcome and gives off the feeling of one of those old cocktail bars with the sole female singer behind a wall of smoke.


Everyone Loves A Villain – ‘Eater Of Worlds’ | Facebook | Twitter

Up next is American rock band Everyone Loves A Villain, a band that have all the hallmarks of a band that can make it. Electronic elements that compliment the guitars and feel like they work with the vocals to elevate the story that is being told throughout the track. The vocals have depth, the music has energy and the track as a whole is one to keep listening to. These guys have created a sound that fits comfortably around the bands that are making it bit right now without being an imitation of any of them.


Saint Mesa – ‘Murky’ | Facebook

With a tone that isn’t too far away from the likes of Zeal & Ardor, Saint Mesa have released a song in ‘Murky’ that feels very much like a description of how it sounds. An onomatopoeia of a song if one ever existed. It’s imperfect, it’s slow and steady but it’s engaging and gets you involved with a slow foot tap. One for the slower playlists for sure and probably not one to listen to when your need to answer the call of nature. You’ll understand why when you listen to it.


Heavyball – ‘Black Eye Friday’ | Facebook | Twitter

You just can’t beat a good old fashioned bit of ska. One of the genres that has stayed truest to itself by taking itself seriously in the most fun way possible. Heavyball have managed to combine a bit of that surf into their sound here and the track benefits from it by being an enjoyable romp through what could just be a chap having a good old brag to his mates. One word of warning though, if you hate songs that sound like a police car is around then don’t listen to this in the car.


Leashes – ‘Between The Lines’ | Facebook

Leashes are a London based quartet that are writing songs about the world around them. Could describe almost any band really…well any band from London anyway, but these guys are doing it whilst taking inspiration from a huge variety of bands and bringing those style together. On first listen you can hear nods to bands like Slipknot and BMTH, Architects and more. The track is heavy and groovy at the same time. The one thing the band need to be careful to do is to build an identity and not get caught in limbo – do that and the world is their oyster.


Big Mother Gig – ‘Obliterate’ | Facebook | Twitter

Going back over the pond we have Big Mother Gig and their track ‘Obliterate’, kicking off slowly and builds to a chorus that doesn’t seem possible from where it starts. The track itself progresses as it starts, slow and steady, always building towards the choruses where all elements are let loose. The vocals feel more comfortable and the overall vibe is improved. This is a band at their best when the’re big.


cusses – ‘Critical’ | Facebook

Slowing us down even more with have cusses from Georgia, USA and their soft, beautiful effort ‘Critical’. A track that utilises that quiet-loud-quiet formula that worked so well for The Pixies to full effect with frontwoman Angel Bond’s vocals carrying the track throughout. Musically it isn’t overly groundbreaking but the track is well and truly greater than the sum of it’s parts. All rock fans will have something to enjoy here.


The Ringleaders – ‘Gold Coast Woman’

Finally, we crank the pace back up a notch for a punky effort from LA’s “most outrageous punk outfit” The Ringleaders. Taking them about half as seriously as Heavyball, the band have released ‘Gold Coast Woman’ from their newest album Bi-Coastal Blasphemy, a track that has as much raw energy packed into less than two minutes as the rest of the songs here put together. It’s less a rollercoaster than a straight plummet to Earth but it’s enjoyable in it’s entirity.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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