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Singles Only V2.2

Another trip around the world, though with a little bit more focus on homegrown talent this time. Jump in to the latest 6 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

CUL de SAC KILLERS – ‘Centipedes’ | Facebook | Twitter

Imagine if Marilyn Manson was a bit cleaner and actually cared if people knew what the fuck he was going on about. For some reason that’s what CUL de SAC KILLERS remind me of. They’re probably closer to QOTSA musically but that’s the image I get. ‘Centipedes’ is a 4-minute assault on the ears that is a massive headbanger thanks largely in part to the multiple layers on offer and the fast paced nature of it. The track flies past in a blur and gets you hitting repeat immediately.


No Mind State – ‘rubber&glue’| Facebook | Twitter

Softening things up a little, Norwegian rockers No Mind State are QOTSA through and through for the first 30 seconds. Frontman Henrik’s vocals are the real driving force for a song that stays quite safe musically. Henrik stands out and, despite the production not being perfect, keeps the track powering through with a raw edge that is hard not to relate to. Catchy, fun and big ‘rubber&glue’ sticks in your head and with the ‘Na, na na, na na, na na’ elements added in you’ll be singing along in minutes.


SMUG – ‘All Used Up’ | Facebook | Twitter

Remember the 90s? Remember skating? Man those were good days…if you could do it. I couldn’t skate for shit. SMUG sound like the exact kind of band to film a music video using a camera phone at a skate park and that sound is quite refreshing to hear again in 2018. ‘All Used Up’ probably describes a lot of the attitude from that era but these Americans have tapped into the free spirit that came along with those days and have created a track so easy to listen to slips right into most of your playlists. Make sure it does.


The Tins– ‘Mountain Song’ | Facebook | Twitter

Going back another 3 decades, The Tins have tapped into the 60s spirit in ‘Mountain Song’ and their psychedelic near 5-minute track. With fuzzy guitars, echoey vocals and fills worthy of their long-gone counterparts The Tins are well after their time. So much so they should be relevant again. The album artwork is as trippy as the music and tying it all in together is an experience for a listener. A band to keep an ear out for for sure.


Money & The Man – ‘I Wanna Know’ | Facebook | Twitter

Remember when 2-pieces were all the fashion and it was only really Royal Blood that capitalised on it? Well Money & The Man are late to the party and don’t sound like the give a shit. Staying truer to the rock elements of the 2-piece style the Dutch pair are releasing their debut album this year and if ‘I Wanna Know’ is anything to go by you’re gonna be tapping your feet, nodding your head and singing along before the year is out. Musically it’s as simple as you’d expect from a duo but they manage to change it up enough in just under 3 minutes to keep you more than interesting.


Say I Am – ‘Smile’ | Facebook | Twitter

Closing us off today is Steven Ostroske’s solo effort ‘Smile’ under the guise of Say I Am. I mention from the off that this is a solo effort as you wouldn’t even have a slightest clue from listening to the track. Vocals, bass, guitars, backing vocals and drums meld together like a 5 piece in a garage, not one American in his basement. The most impressive part, if that wasn’t enough, is the variety that this track of less than 4 minutes manages to go through. Clean vocals through to harsh screams like there’s no effort involved at all make it a track to really settle down and dive into.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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