EP Review: Youth Man – Five Songs EP

843500.jpgRelease Date: 29th June 2018

Label: Alcopop! Records

Genre: Alternative

Youth Man are an exciting Brummie alternative duo that made their way onto the scene back in 2012. Following the release of their debut EP, Bad Weather in 2013, Kaila Whyte and Marcus Perks went on to record a steady stream of singles as well as another two EPs, before joining the line-up of support acts for letlive.’s European tour in 2016. Youth Man’s new EP is their first since early 2017.

Upon listening to Five Songs for the first time, I instantly noticed the strong British accent of vocalist, Kaila Whyte, and the classic punk influences that inspire this band’s style. The section of combined vocals in ‘Mainland’ set a slight dramatic tone and the spoken vocals towards the end of the track felt rather eerie.

‘Constantly’ is a simple yet fun track in which the duo mostly scream the word ‘constantly’ for a minute and forty seconds. Perfectly titled, this track shows how the band sport a style that is completely their own. At this point in the EP, I came to realise that Youth Man’s musical style differs from their appearance. Whilst they look understated and sophisticated, the destructive and individualistic music they make is far from that.

Although this EP is one that flaunts the duo’s distinctive style, it also shows a number of possible influences. Whilst ‘I Don’t Know’ gives off some serious letlive. vibes, ‘Statuesque’ hints some low-key Marilyn Manson tones.

Whilst Youth Man is not the typical type of band I tend to listen to, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP. Combining hefty vocals with subtler instruments and the use of spoken and repetitive vocals really made this record an exciting one. ‘I Don’t Know’ is the track that stands out the most to me. It’s raw, compelling and left me feeling every emotion long after it had finished. The single downfall to this EP is how much the vocals overshadow the musical side of the band. Being so drawn to Whyte’s vocals, it took me a good few attempts to properly hear the instrumental side to each song. Whilst I felt I couldn’t fully enjoy the EP as a whole, that factor might not be problematic to others. Aside from that, this EP has really set the bar for what I can expect from Youth Man in the future. To conclude, this EP shows that classic British punk is most certainly still alive and kicking.

Recommended Track: ‘I Don’t Know’

Rating: 7/10

Buy Five Songs here.

To hear more from Youth Man, check out their FacebookBandcampTwitter and YouTube.

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