Singles Only V1.3

V1.3 of the Singles Only feature brings you five bands you probably aren’t all that familiar with. Make sure you check out each band and follow our Spotify playlist to keep up to date with some of the best new music available.

Mass Driver – ‘Boss Fight’ | Facebook | Website | Twitter

A punchy riff catapults you through the first minute of ‘Boss Fight’ before half spoke vocals kick in complementing the heavy bassline well. A slow drum beat continues throughout the full 4 minutes of the song even when the riffs pick up the pace. It’s an enjoyable contrast that gives the ears a lot to digest. If you’re a fan of the hard rock styles of Clutch there’s a good chance you’ll like what you hear here.

Ropetree – ‘Empty’ | Facebook | Twitter

From the band’s new album The Saints of Asbury on their Stone Pony, ‘Empty’ brings a fast paced track with vocals straight out of the 80s hair metal genre. If you listened to The Treatment a few years ago you’ll know the style I mean. The rhythm guitar is a bit too low in the mix, the vocals maybe a bit high, but the cut around 2 minutes before cutting back in to a huge vocal line says that this band are one for a live setting more than anything else. Well worth a listen!

Stereotrash – ‘Alan’ | Facebook | Twitter

If you’re a fan of bands that just ooze the DIY sound then Stereotrash are here for you. An imperfect bass intro into drums as rough as the average festival portaloo it’s hard not to appreciate the raw nature of the track and admire a band that is willing to not polish a track to the point of it being unrecognisable. It’s punky, it’s filthy and it feels great at 11. Embrace the bass.

Visc. – ‘Daughter of America’ | Facebook | Twitter

“How are you?” asks a robotic voice to open up Visc.‘s ‘Daughter of America’ moments before the track descends into what almost sounds like a riffed up version of ‘Spirit In The Sky’, the Norman Greenbaum version…not Gazza Gates. That feeling doesn’t last long though as the fuzzy guitars and classic rock style vocals team up to create a fast paced balls out rock track that leaves you with sore ankles from all the tapping. That could be old football injuries though so ignore that.

DRöN – ‘Judas’ | Facebook | Twitter

Sabbath may be gone but their influence on the world may never end. Bands that were influenced by Sabbath have already influenced a generation but we still end up coming full circle so often to the masters. DRöhave taken the essence of Sabbath, made it a touch heavier and added a tonne of distortion to the vocals and popped out ‘Judas’. It’s like Sabbath if they were influenced by Black Label Society, in some sort of paradoxical situation. A slow burner of a track that comes alive every minute or so.



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