Singles Only V1.2 – Far Suns Fall – ‘No Way Out’

With festivals like Hard Rock Hell, HRH Blues, Steelhouse and Rambling Man now is a very good time to be in a rock band with blues influences which also means now is a good time to introduce Far Suns Fall. A four-piece with roots in London, the band are currently building up to the release of their debut album in August 2018 and the track ‘No Way Out’ is the first track from it.

With an intro that could easily have come from 2017’s Black Stone Cherry blues EP, and vocals that complement the riffs immediately it’s a strong start from the quartet and one that continues through some choruses that bands like Canada’s Monster Truck would be proud of.

unnamed (2)

The transition from a huge, loud chorus into a deep slow verse has echoes of the alt-rock style that had it’s time in the sun a few years ago, but with the riffs, the soulful vocals and the pacier drums that is where the comparisons to that genre in particular end. So without further ado give ‘No Way Out’ a listen here:

This might just be the first taster from the boys but the progression from their 2016 EP is evident and if the full album is as good as ‘No Way Out’ then we’re in for a real treat. We’ll be reviewing the album before it’s released so check back here over the next couple of months for that.

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