Singles Only V1.1

Following on from the launch of our Singles Only feature we bring you another 5 bands that have recently released a new track for you to listen to. With a few bands you may not be familiar with, and one you definitely should be, strap yourself in for some new music.

Astral Cloud Ashes – ‘A Reformatted Heart’ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

With Jersey not exactly being a hotbed of music it’s nice to see Astral Cloud Ashes, the current solo project of Antony Walker, continuing to put out quality music. With a little help from his friends Antony brings an American twang to his indie effort. If you’ve ever watched Made In Chelsea you will be familiar with the style and this track would fit perfectly between segments on the show. Pacey drums sit beneath a punch guitar but vocals that are slower by contrast. It’s a contrast that works well though – 7/10.

Indifferent Engine – ‘Cockpit’ | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Bandcamp

Bringing proggy elements to the post-punk genre might seem like a risky idea but it’s one that Indifferent Engine have implemented with such cohesion it feels immediately familiar. ‘Cockpit’ has all the energy of Max Raptor style punk, but with effects that perfectly echo the sound of drifting through space…probably. A song that will fit so many playlists, reserved in places but full of energy in others. A well crafted 3 minutes of prog-punk – 7/10.

Fifth Species – ‘City Apart’ | Facebook | Twitter

If you’re a fan of Blind Melon then Fifth Species are a band that you need in your life right now. The soft rock style on show here feels like a progression of those American rockers and the guitar tone on show here would not have been amiss on the band’s self-titled 1992 debut album. ‘City Apart’ brings some beautiful harmonies, even where at times the vocals do sound like they’re on the edge slightly. A track that will fit right in to the Summer playlist and a band whose back catalogue I’m off to delve into right now – 7/10.

Qualion – ‘Graceful Omnipotence (Lycanthropica)’ | Facebook | Twitter

With a soft stringed intro you may be in for quite a shock when the vocals kick in. In a track about being a werewolf they feel completely apt though, angry yet controlled. With a funky ass bassline and a string element that continues throughout the track is a mixture of angst and precision. That is summed up entirely during an instrumental section that is quite unique and utterly absorbing. This track will confuse and intrigue and is well worth your time – 8/10.

Ghost – ‘Dance Macabre’ | Facebook | Twitter

Ahh Ghost. We can always rely on you to change it up. ‘Rats’ was an interesting mix of rock and pop that felt like the progression towards a more honed, ‘new’ sound was underway. ‘Dance Macabre’ has just been released and it now seems like the new sound has been fully arrived at. With an intro more in common with hair metal you might be expecting a fist pumper of a track, but as soon as the Cardinal joins the party you can feel the 80s romp that they’ve been threatening for a while kick in. Towards the 3 minute mark there’s a vocal/drum combo where I can already foresee the crowd clapping with arms high above their head’s and Tobias turning the mic to the crowd to sing for him. Is this track the Facebook ‘anti-Ghosters’ worst nightmare? I hope so! – 9/10



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