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Festival Preview: Slam Dunk

3 sites. 7 stages. Over 50 bands and one bank holiday weekend. Slam Dunk Festival returns in just a few shorts weeks and it’s another year smashed out of the park by the organisers. You’re probably well aware of the festival by now so we’re just here to give you the Mind Noise Network recommendations for where your time should be spent so you can try and breathe easy through the myriad of clashes. Whether you’re still reeling from the Good Charlotte/Jimmy Eat World ‘Co-headline’ fiasco, or deciding whether to see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes or Lower Than Atlantis one of the MNN team will have some words of advice for you.

Paris Fawcett – Head Of Podcasts – recommends Save Ferris playing the Fireball Stage.

“They are good, pure, catchy ska fun. The last and only time they played the UK was 2001, they’re a rare treat and well 90s.”


Jessica Piochon – Photographer – recommends As It Is headlining the Signature Brew Stage.

“I really love this band and they keep getting better year after year.”


Lottie Capel – Reviewer – recommends Holding Absence playing The Rocksound Breakout Stage.

“They are really talented and lovely guys in one of the best up and coming bands this year!”


Rebecca Marshall – Photographer – recommends State Champs playing the Jagermeister Stage

“Whatever show and how ever big the crowd is that band go for it. Every time I’ve seen them they have been amazing”


Billy Padmore – Podcaster – recommends Loathe opening the Impericon Stage

“Modern metalcore from Liverpool, really dark sound with a strong influence from game soundtracks like Silent Hill. Drop E tuning on Squier Jazzmasters as well!”


James Keal – Reviewer – recommends Comeback Kid playing the Impericon Stage.

“Canadian hardcore band that keep getting better with age. Learn the words, throw your fists in the air and scream them like its your last day on earth. You’ll feel better trust me!”


Dan Hemming – Editor – recommends Dream State playing The Rocksound Breakout Stage.

“A female fronted breath of fresh air in the alt-rock. Playing so many other festivals this Summer, see them early so you know not to miss them throughout 2018 and beyond.”


Elsewhere on the bill it’s hard to look past Creeper and their phenomenal live set, Palaye Royale somehow only just coming to the fore and Slam Dunk staples Goldfinger and Zebrahead who will just be all of the fun.

If you haven’t already you can pick up tickets here: www.slamdunkmusic.com/tickets/

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