EP Review: As Sirens Fall – Where Lost Things Go

ASF_WLTG-webRelease Date: 13th April

Label: Independent

Genre: Pop-rock

Where Lost Things Go is the second EP released by As Sirens Fall. Like their previous release, The Hospital Party, this EP tells the heartfelt story of loss and recovery and is sure to be a hit with any fans of pop-rock.

‘Lily’ opens the EP with a chimey guitar riff and a melancholic tone before Mikey Lord’s powerful, screaming vocals penetrate mid-verse. Building into an anthemically sweeping chorus, ‘Lily’ provides a clear introduction to the talent displayed throughout the rest of the EP.

Next comes ‘In My Mind’ which has a very different style, with an emerging reggae influence from guest vocalist Benji Webbe of Skindred. Benji’s contribution to Where Lost Things Go may only be for one song, but his presence brings a heavier and funkier tone to the EP. Jarlath McCaughery brings a steady drum beat whilst Jason Dovestone holds a strong bassline which is the constant driving force throughout the song. Slowing down to gang vocals towards the middle, there becomes an almost standoff between the two vocalists, battling with the instrumental stomping against them.

The upbeat pace then descends to an adagio tempo with a stoic tone in ‘Like Vultures’. Adam Dovestone and Richard Hadley’s impressive riffs during the instrumental build the anticipation greatly before the release of the final chorus which rounds off the song. Slowing the pace even further, ‘Getaway’ is a stripped back elegy which begins with vocals accompanied solely by piano for the first minute. This song is greatly expressive with its raw and visceral tone, which builds into an emotive and wistful anthem as the instrumental and backing vocals are gradually introduced.

Bringing the energy back, ‘My Only Ghost’ has a more upbeat pace and the increase in energy makes it easy to mosh or dance to (whichever you prefer) with a chorus and bridge which are catchy and easy to sing along to. The final chorus could have benefitted from a little more impact as it just misses that bang, but this doesn’t take away from the rest of the song by any means.

However, the stand out track of the album is ‘She Runs With The Wolves’. Concluding the EP, the mellow tone of this song initially depicts a desolate state, but the increasing animation and passion in the pace portray the empowerment to progress and overcome. The anthemic sound returns again and is constant throughout the track whilst the key change towards the end provides the strength to hit home with an immersive song.

Overall, this is an incredible EP which shows the immense talent As Sirens Fall command. The range of the slower and more upbeat songs truly allows the band to display their potential, whilst Where Lost Things Go leaves the listener wanting more as soon as the EP finishes. Now, As Sirens Fall just need to work on developing these shorter releases into a full-length album. This is a must-listen for any fans of the pop-rock genre.

Rating: 10/10

Recommended Track: She Runs With The Wolves

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