Interview with Sean from Deez Nuts

Before their show in Birmingham on their ‘You are part of this’ tour, Yasmin sat down with Sean (Bassist) from Deez Nuts, to have a chat about their current and upcoming tour as well as some other exciting things! Check it out here:

So, you’re coming up to the end of a European tour, how have you been finding it so far?

Sean: Tours been great so far! We’re coming up to the end of the first part of the European tour for Deez Nuts.

But you’re going on another spring tour aren’t you?

Sean: Yeah we’re doing an eastern European one where we’re going to places like Spain and Portugal. So we’ve got a few more shows after this, we’ve got a week left of the ‘you are part of this’ and when that finishes we’ve got 3 days off in Germany which is going to be fun.

That’ll be cool. So what’s been your favourite part of this current tour so far?

Sean: Umm, chilling with friends, it what this tour is all about really, that’s why it was created!

Do you party as hard as you sound in your songs, for example ‘Shot after shot’?

Sean:  No! we don’t really drink that much at all. (pause) Actually we do drink a lot. I think when those songs were written, that’s what we did, and we still do, we’re pretty wild. But we’re older now so we need to be a little bit more responsible.

Yeah you’ve been going for 10 years now! What’s been the ultimate highlight of your career so far? Any festivals that you’ve loved?

Sean: Yeah, there’s been a few festivals that we’ve really loved. Playing for big crowds is a lot different to playing smaller shows but they all have their good parts and their bad parts. I mean, the best part of it all is the four of us playing music together that we like to play, there’s no defining moments because it’s all great.

Do you have a favourite venue in the UK?

Sean: My favourite venue in the UK? Nandos. I’m joking, I think my favourite venue is the Underworld in London. It’s a bit on a dungeon, but it’s in a great area.

Have you got any plans to release any music any time soon?

Sean: We’re working on some stuff at the moment, a few demos. But we just want to get through this tour and enjoy the three weeks we have off, and then we have Warped tour and are in the United States for 2 months, then at the end of this year we’re going to start writing.

Sounds exciting! I heard you got a new tattoo today? What is it?

Sean: I got my parents names tattooed on me!

Ah that’s cool. Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the band name?

Sean: Well it was JJ’s mum actually, it’s taken from a Snoop Dog snippet between a song. This band started at the end of another band and he just wrote a bunch of songs by himself and recorded them, then decided the name was funny and fun. We didn’t really expect our band to reach this sort of level, but we just kept it anyway! Trying to explain it to my girlfriends parents was awkward..

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

Sean: My favourite song would be ‘Discord’ which is from our newest album, it’s really challenging and I have a good time playing it. Do you guys wanna end this on a joke? Tell me your best joke.

My friend, Becky: Why was Tigger down the loo? Because he was looking for poo.

Sean: (Laughs) that was pretty good. Why did Sally fall off the swing? She had no arms. Knock knock? – who’s there – not sally!

Finally, to wrap things up, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Sean: Keep reading! Drink water! Exercise!

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