EP Review: TRC – Lifestyle

a1677746989_10Label: Independent

Release Date: 30/03/2018

Genre: Hardcore

On the pinnacle of success and in touching distance of mainstream coverage, TRC held the entire UK hardcore scene by the balls back in 2013. It’s been a rough few years since then, hindered by inconsistent touring and lineup changes, the band are finally looking to bounce back with their new EP, Lifestyle.

For those that are unaware, TRC (The Revolution Continues) are a London based band, featuring two vocalists that trade off brash heaviness with grime-tinged rap verses. They’re cool as fucking cucumbers mate. With lashings of laid back cockney swagger in both personality and lyrics, it’s welcoming to see frontmen Chris Robson and Anthony Caroll still at the forefront of the lineup.

The latter half of this six track EP was already released electronically back in 2016, so for people with their ears to the ground, this isn’t all new. However, opening track ‘Moaner’ is a clear indication that their troubles haven’t restricticted their creativity. Lyrically it’s as standout as ever. The venom in Anthony as he barks ‘you create your own luck, dozey fuck!’ instigates the same fist swinging adrenaline that engulfed me when first discovering them, it’s signature TRC and it’s belting.


Next track ‘Scrounger’ relates to the dickheads who bleed people dry financially, and while it does feel a little bit run of the mill, it’s followed by ‘London’s Greatest Love Story Part II’. As an ode to their early days of Bright Lights, it’s arguably the best track on the EP. It’s always welcoming to hear them variate their pace, coupled with a vocal delivery that’s both personal and sensitive throughout.

‘Same. But Better.’ is already a fan favourite. Providing some of the most feel good moments they’ve ever put to record, ‘so that means I got the same old lyrics, sing the same old shit, bringing back a feeling that we’ve really missed, now come on. Who said it was a swan song? You’d be dead wrong’. Then ramping into ‘Take It’ (featuring Nathan from Prowler) and ending with ‘Lifestyle’, a further reflection on their lives and careers so far.

Admittedly, while some of the songwriting prowess on their previous release (Nation, 2013) does feel a little absent, TRC yet again manage to showcase their creativity in droves. Lifestyle feels like one for the diehards, a nod to those who’ve stuck with them for all this time, but it’s also a great place to start if you’re new. The future is most certainly in their hands, and while we may never get the band back on a full-time basis, writing bangers like these makes it well worth the wait.

Lifestyle will be released 30/03/2018 and is now available to preorder via Band Camp.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Tracks: Moaner, London’s Greatest Love Story Part II

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