EP Review: Deadeyes- Self-titled


Record Label: Unsigned  

 Release Date: 23rd Feb 2018

The Scottish four-piece Deadeyes formed  2015 over too much beer and a dimly lit campsite, working primarily on their live show initially before turning to the record studio this year. Dave takes a look at their debut EP:

The EP starts off with a  and moody atmosphere with a big dollop of  sludge before slowly but surely building up momentum and speed. The riffs chug along like a train on the HS1. Scott’s vocals are powerful but there’s a suprisingly softer touch to it like a clean vocalled Lemmy.

‘Hellhous’e starts off with a man who sounds a lot like a psycharist list off a load of vices with Raz’s drums playing over the top before the chuffing riffs come in once more.  This reminded me much more of Ozzy’s solo work particulary in Scott’s vocals, (with Scott probably being more in tune).

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‘Ashes’ is up next and follow the a similar formula of the previous two until the Scott changes his vocals around the four minute mark to include some darker vocals which wouldn’t look out of place on a black metal album.

The EP comes to an end with the longest song off the album, coming in at 6:31. ‘Burn The Witch’. It’s intro reminded me slightly of (a sludgier) ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica before exploding into a slab of Sludge Metal which satisfactorily brings the EP to a close.

The band have worked to be ‘the tightest band on any line-up they play with’ and it shows. The musicianship is solid with the each instrument working in sync and the vocals perfectly suited to the other instruments.  This isn’t a ground-breaking album by any means, opting for a tried and tested formula in which there is no shame in doing.  It’s a solid EP which fans of both classic and modern metal can enjoy.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended track: Hellhouse


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