Album Review: Casey – Where I Go When I Am Sleeping

433938.jpgRelease Date: 16th March 2018

Record Label: Hassle Records

Genre: No

Casey are a Wales based band who consist of Tom Weaver – Vocals, Liam Torrance – lead guitar, Toby Evans – guitar/backing vocals, Adam Smith – bass and Max Nicolai – drums. Where I Go When I Am Sleeping is Casey’s second album and, similar to the previous, it is a formation of heart wrenching lyrics surrounded by a beautiful melody and jam packed with passion.

Throughout the album Tom tells stories of him struggling with his health over the years, however the lyrics are such that it doesn’t have to be about that, which brings you closer to the music. It makes you feel things throughout and is built of 10 songs and 2 interludes. Tom says “In the same way as the last one, this album covers a pretty broad time, from when I was about 15 until about the start of this year. But it’s not in chronological order. Each song doesn’t refer to a particular point in time – it just refers to things I’ve generally felt over that period.”

The album opens with ‘Making Weight’, the song has a soft tone to it and there is something about it that automatically makes your eyes start to well with tears, and as soon as this happened you know this is going to be a work of art. This is followed by ‘Wavering which contrasts beautifully with the previous song, coming off heavier and oozing with passion. These songs provide not only a strong start but they get you hooked in. The first interlude ‘&’ helps bring the first third of the album together and quite honestly gets you thinking, no lyrics just a calm interlude which gives a bit of a refresh before continuing on. Following this is ‘Fluorescents’ which was the first single the band released off the album. It is different from any song off of their previous album but is also a beautiful creation. The lyrics ‘so give me one good reason to believe I’m getting better’ hit home and bought me to tears.

One song that stuck out on the album is ‘Flowers By The Bed’ as the structure is different to anything heard previously. The way the vocals and instruments all came together and slot in perfectly make the song an thought provoking listen. Max’s drumming especially sticks out in this song as you find yourself bopping along calmly before coming into the chorus which sweeps you completely off your feet. ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is yet another song jam packed with emotion and passion, yet surprises you with the fact there are no lyrics to the song. The track is full of bass, guitar and drums and is just a great listen and shows the diversity of the band. To close the album is ‘Wound’ which contrasts completely to the previous. It brings the album to a powerful close. You hear Tom speak about his past and it hits you right in the heart and brings tears to your eyes as he shows his gratitude to friends and family.

All in all this album is outstanding, the emotion bought through is incredible and the diversity of the band sweeps you off your feet. No doubt will this album bring listeners to tears, a lot of the lyrics can hit home and even if it doesn’t, the raw emotion shown is bound to have an effect on you. The story told through a series of songs is truly inspirational.

Rating: 10/10

Recommend Track: Flowers By The Bed

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Casey are doing a few release shows this week in the UK, followed by a headline tour this April across Europe so be sure to catch them wherever you can.

Album release shows:

16th March – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

17th March – Banquet Records and Fighton Cocks, Kingston

22nd March – Picturehouse – Sheffield

Headline tour shows (for the UK):

13th April – London – Boston Music Room

14th April – Leeds – The Key Club

15th April – Newcastle – Jumping Jacks

16th April – Plymouth- Underground

17th April – Manchester – Satan’s Hollow

18th April – Birmingham- Asylum2

19th April – Nottingham – Rock City (basement)

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