Underøath Announce New Album!

underoath_eraseme_artwork_coverFloridan metalcore legends Underoath have announced their first album in eight years as well as releasing ‘On My Teeth’ as the first track from it.

Formed in 1997 the band announced their disbandment in 2013 and, after a few years of side projects, they reformed in 2015 with founding member Drummer Aaron Gillespie who had been absent from their then final record, ‘Disambiguation’.

Shortly after Underoath embarked on the ‘Rebirth Tour’ in which they played their classic albums  ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’, and ‘Define the Great Line’ in full back to back. There had been a lot of speculation as to whether their reformation would lead to new music like Thrice and Saosin before them or whether it would purely be live based.

With an intro not dissimilar to vocalist Spencer Chamberlain’s side project Sleepwave, ‘On My Teeth’ quickly transforms into the Underoath we know and love. As always, Spencer and Aaron share vocal duties on the track, ranging from viscous screams to passionately sung choruses its great to hear these two back on a song together after almost ten years. Musically it is a safe track, and hopefully the album explores the dark post-metal sounds of Disambiguation their previous effort, but the driving guitars and dark electronic ambience are a perfect amalgamation of the modern metalcore scene as well as a throwback to the one that they defined in the noughties.

As well as the single Underoath announced their new album ‘Erase Me’, set to be released on the 6th of April. Perhaps inspired by contemporaries the band dropped online teasers, as well as erecting billboards reading ‘ERASE ME’, even going as far as to send select fans CD’s with a snippet of the new song.

Safe to say, Underoath have created the hype and truly delivered, and a as a massive fan, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year.