Album Review: Templeton Pek – Watching the World Come Undone


Release: Templeton Pek – Watching the World Come Undone

Release Date: 23rd Febuary 2018

Record Label: Drakkar Records

Templeton Pek are a melodic punk band from Birmingham, with big riffs and even bigger choruses. Having never listened to them before I was surprised to learn that this is in fact their 5th release and that they have been active as a band over ten years. What’s surprising was how a band of this quality has so far managed to slip under the radar for so many people

Taking influences from bands such as the Offspring, Rise Against and a little bit of arena rock, the band create a grand and epic sound. However, with the album lyrically focused on the dissatisfaction of the political climate, I would of preferred something a bit heavier and with a bit more bite. It has a very clean production and lacks the dirt and grit that I look for in punk, but that’s just personal preference. It’s a very nice sounding, well produced record, and it packs a punch when it needs to. All Time Low this isn’t.

Integral to the bands sound are the vocals of Neal Mitchell, which give the band that arena rock feel, much like Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, with a touch of Miles Kennedy. He has a powerful and passionate voice, and his vocal delivery really makes you believe what he’s saying, with the best example of this being on track two Oblivious. The way he emphasises his lines on the chorus is very effective. Lyrically it doesn’t revolutionise anything, but with Tim’s engaging voice it most certainly makes up for it.

Instrumentally, the record doesn’t stray from the template of straight forward, fast paced melodic punk, and there’s virtually no slow done through out its entirety. It does have a distinctly British feel however, with certain parts reminding me of the early noughties/late nineties Brit rock scene, which helps to make it stand out in a mostly US dominated scene.

Overall this a solid punk album. While it doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, it does what it sets out to do to a high standard. If your fan of punk or rock music in general then I would definitely recommend giving this a listen, especially if you’ve been disappointed with the last few Rise Against albums.

Rating: 7/10

Best Track: Oblivious

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