Album Review: Don Broco – Technology


Don Broco – Technology

Released: 2nd February 2018.

Label: Sharptone Records

After the release of Don Broco’s second album ‘Automatic‘ it was clear that the next one needed to be incredible to even match up to Automatic and Priorities, the singles began to trickle out, first Everybody and then the livestream of ‘Tom’s Wedding,’ which turned out to be the next single ‘Pretty,’ we then got the title track ‘Technology’, and that was when I knew that this would be a record to be classed as a classic.  With their classic Don Broco style of bouncy bass lines, incredible riffs and vocals they bought in a new signature piece of percussion in this record. The beloved Cowbell. Any record that uses a chatterbox and cowbell is sure to be amazing, and Technology certainly is indeed, it may only be February but this is definitely my album of the year.

The record kicks off with Technology, opening with some strong drum beats it then flings you straight into the action with some incredible riffs played on guitar and bass by Si Delaney and Tom Doyle. Don Broco have stayed closed to their classic style but have also bought in some more artificial sounds which set the tone perfectly for ‘Technology’ With extremely catchy vocals and instrumental lines this is a perfect song to open with. Stay Ignorant makes use of the chatterbox perfectly as well as the riff that accompanies the verse, with light vocals it transitions seamlessly into the powerful chorus that is so typically suited to Rob Damiani’s voice. With a wonderful blend of heavier rock, plain chordal accompaniment and strong riffs Stay Ignorant is a solid mix of everything that make Don Broco so versatile.

Next up is fan favourite T-Shirt Song and upon hearing it, it’s so easy to see why it is so loved. Opening with strong chords and drum beats and then being accompanied by bass in the verse, T-Shirt Song already has it’s own unique flair especially in the pre-chorus which is accompanied by piano, which we haven’t seen much of in Don Broco’s past. The chorus is extremely catchy and has the perfect pulse to swing your t-shirt around your head too (I’ve been to enough Don Broco shows to know that it’s extremely fun). Up next is Come Out To LA which is sung by Don Broco’s drummer Matt Donnelly, who (along with Adam Marc) sings backing vocals on all of their songs, this once again shows how versatile the boys are. Come Out To LA suits Matt’s singing style incredibly well and has a far more ‘poppy’ tone than the rest of the album however, the contrast once the heavy chorus comes in is incredible and really makes this track stand out on the record. Not only is the song incredible but the music video is definitely one of their best to date with Rob turning into the Terminator and our beloved cowboy making an appearance.

Then we have the second single on the album Pretty which contains everything so perfect about Broco, strong riffs, vocals and beats and their heavier choruses, there isn’t a better song to get angry and mosh too than this. There is nothing that isn’t to love about this song it encompasses the band perfectly. The Blues really stood out to me when first listening to Technology due to the emotional lyrics and chorus which seemed seeped with internal pain, Damiani’s use of the higher vocal register works help portray this even more and give the song so much character. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album (but then again there isn’t a song I don’t like here). Tightrope also follows this theme of experimenting with the falsetto register of Damiani’s voice, the chorus has an almost haunting feel to it with the harmonies between Rob and Matt, it’s truly something which can give you goosebumps just by hearing it. The bridge has an entirely new feel altogether as everything cuts out and we are left with Damiani’s voice only.

Everybody is up next, a classic Broco song for sure, with riffs to make even the most docile people mosh and scream out the lyrics at the top of their lungs. With iconic riffs and lyrics this is a crowd pleasure for sure, with the pulse and upbeat tempo there is nothing about this song that doesn’t make you want to jump and down. Greatness has classic old style riffs and our beloved cowbell, with an 80s vibe to it this sets itself as unique to the rest of the album, the chorus is extremely energetic and is a the perfect song to rave on your own in your room too. Up next is Porkies which I absolutely adore, I couldn’t think of a song more suited to Don Broco or a song as British as this one, with a strummed pedal note on bass and strong guitar riff once the verse kicks in this track is all about the action. With loud and heavy lyrics this is a perfect song which resonates with anger however, slowing down in sections to allow this synthetic voice to sing through. Everything about this song is badass especially the heavy instrumental break downs and choruses, it’s 4 minutes of angry perfection.

Got To Be You is the slow love song of the album, with an uplifting and light instrumentation it contrasts nicely with Porkies. This song really showcases Rob’s voice and is one of those songs you’d hear after a really successful Britain’s Got Talent audition when they’re all crying and happy, that’s Got To Be You in a nutshell. Good Listener is action packed with energy and even the introduction is epic, with a cool riff and backing vocals it’s no surprise when the chorus kicks in with a fast paced and energetic bang. Everything about this song is epic.

Next we have penultimate track Yen or ¥ which I have absolutely fallen in love with, the way the introduction builds is incredible and has already become a fan favourite in a few days after release. The verse builds perfectly into the pre-chorus and chorus which blends Damiani’s and Donnelly’s voices together seamlessly along with this artificial voice in the background. Doyle and Delaney’s riffs are perfect for the song and encompasses it all in a nice little bow. Finally we have Something to Drink which in my opinion is such a fitting way to end the record, with chilling vocals and lyrics about getting drunk what more could you want? With a different style than some of their other songs is this a taste of what’s to come? The post chorus of sorts (So when you find me in the crowd and you’re shouting out I’d be happy to see you) is so emotional you can’t help but sing it.

Honorable mentions to the bonus tracks Blood In The Water and Potty Mouth which I absolutely love. I 100% recommend buying the deluxe version for these tracks as they are awesome especially Potty Mouth which shows off Donnelly’s voice somemore.


I don’t believe it’s possible for Don Broco to write a bad song, they are all such talented musicians and every song could easily be played in arenas. These guys are the new age of rock music and have great personalities as well as skills as musicians, overall Technology is an extraordinary record throwing banger after banger out into the open, Don Broco are growing in fans by the day anyway but  Technology will certainly increase it massively!

Recommended Songs: Yen, Porkies and Stay Ignorant

Rating: 10/10

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