Interview with Spencer from Ice Nine Kills

Dave got the chance to sit down with Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas after their set in Southampton to discuss the new album, horror films and the plans for Ice Nine Kills.

Dave: You’ve just finished a set in Southampton- how did it go?

Spencer: It was really good- Kids really got into it so that was awesome to hear them singing along. It’s great opening for Motionless in White (MIW).

Have you played with them before?

We’ve played with MIW a few times. They took us out on tour a few years ago in the US. I think It’s a good fit, I mean Our music may be a little different but we are in the same world, both really into horror.

What date are you most looking forward to?

London-I’ve been to London a few times now and I’ve always loved. Loved the culture, so many great places to eat and I’m actually going to the exorcist play, it’s on in London on my day off so I’m buzzing for that. Plus I think it’s sold out so should be a good party.

For those who haven’t seen you.live yet- what can we expect from your live show?

We do everything cranked up to 11. We bring our all to every gig regardless of size.  

What’s your favourite story on tour?

I was doing the Warped Tour in USA and we had just played and I was tired so I went back to the van for a nap. Problem is there’s a load of white vans which all look the same, add that to the fact that it’s really hot so I was kinda dizzy. So, I got in the van and went to sleep which unbeknownst to me, was another bands van! So I woke up with someone looking at me ‘asking why are you in my bunk?’ Luckily they were cool with it and I made a wicked exit to our van! Worse thing is I think I was there for about 2 hours (laughs).

What’s 2018 holding for?

2018 is an exciting one. We’ve got this tour and we are doing the north American leg of the tour. It’s by far the biggest tour we’ve done and then we’ve got another tour lined up at the end of the year. I can’t release any details yet but we should making an announcement soon. And we are currently in the middle of writing for a record which will be out this year.

Your last album was made up of songs based from novels, does this one have a theme?

We do have a theme but I can’t reveal any details just yet as we still have to put the finishing touches bit will be out this year.

Can’t twist your arm on that?!

(Laughs). Afraid not, no.

What your writing process?

Usually starts with me coming up with theme like a book etc and then a  melody on guitar or occasionally a piano.  Then I take it to JD (Justin DeBlieck- lead guitarist) who’s amazing at orchestrating it and the other guys come in with ideas too.

Whats your favorite song to play love?

Enjoy your slay. Its based off the Shining  by Stephen King. Theory is so awesome and everyone knows it so gets into it.

The cool thing about this record for me is we got Sam Kubrick of Shields. who is also the grandson of renowned director Stanley Kubrick. Being a big fan of his as a vocalist, he knew he would add something extra particularly as he’s part of the bloodline of the director of the film.

What do you do away from music?

I’ve been moving. So I’m moving from East coast Boston to West coast California so that’s keeping me busy really. I also run a clothing company called Kleaver.

You guys are known for your love of horror- if you had to pick one  favourite, what would it be?

There’s obviously so many. But, It has to be Halloween as that’s got.me into horror. I remember being 5 or 6 going to the grocery store (supermarket) and there were DVDs sold there and even that she I was drawn to stuff like Halloween and Friday the 13th.Then there were loads of remakes which I loved and all the 80s slashers.

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

Make out. Probably a surprising one as they’re not heavy, more pop punk really so it’s not heavy but it’s catchy.

Ive been listening to Finch and Pheonix anlot too. These were my heroes  growing and they are actually going to be helping us co write the record. So I’ve gone back and been rediscovering my favourite bands. 

What’s the Long term plan for ‘INK’?

Well it changes I think. When we first started it was things like tour Europe and get onto Warped Tour and these things we’ve done.

I mean we’ve achieved everything we set out to do. I guess our really long term plan is to be a ‘legacy band’. A band that even into 40s and 50s can still pack out big venues and age doesn’t matter. And keep creating albums which get better and better.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for support. Thanks for coming to shows and buying albums and if you haven’t heard of us then check us out and come and see us on the tour!

Thanks Spencer!
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