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Album Review: Symphony of Heaven- The Season of Death

Symphony of Heaven- The Season of Death

Release Date: 24th November

Record Label: Nosrel Recordings

I finally got around to reviewing Symphony of Heaven’s (SOH) debut album and I am delighted that I did! Symphony of Heaven begun in 2017 as a one man project, formed by Logan Thompson who released his first EP (independently) in May. In July Symphony of Heaven got snapped by Nosral Recordings, joining bands such as Ascending King and Children of Wrath.

‘Stratagen’ is the first track off the album and start with a short sharp tidal wave of brutality which leaves as quickly as it arrives making way for the slow melodic guitar solo to kick in. This only paves the way more brutality showing Thompson’s roots in both black and death metal as it alters between the atmospheric and the brutal.

Thompson aims right from the off to creat lyrical content that inspires and encourages saying about ‘Stratagen’ The lyric “a hand unseen, still veiled to me” is a reminder that when hard things happen in our lives, as  a Christian, we have to remember that God works in ways we cannot always perceive… And that is something we have to tell ourselves when we go through the hard times.”

“War in the Wind” starts with an air raid siren going off with guitars in the background. The Thompsons shreaking black metal vocals kick in.  The drums are exceptionally fast, heavy and relentless and felt like I just went 10 rounds with Antony Joshua after making an offensive comment about his mum.

 It doesn’t let up with “Anno Domini” as it continues the assault with the addition of keyboards. A solo in the middle changes the feel of the whole song but is so well-crafted that the solo alone makes it my favorite song off  the album.

“In Angers Midst” has a thrashier feel to the intro reminding me of ‘Megadeth’. It soon settles back into classic SOH with Thompson’s screeching vocals particularly prominent.

“The Meditation Of My Heart” is a mellow, instrumental song with an acoustic intro which breaks up the album nicely.

“Of Scars And Soil” takes the reigns with an Folk edge not used before. It works though as keyboards are again utilised creating a balanced and melodic track.

“Come And Rest” eases in slowly but surely with symphonic keys before Thompson’s comes in with his fierce growls. The tempo then picks up and emphasises the death influences.

Rounding off the album is “Time Transcending”. It starts with rain to set the mood before the guitars and drums kick in. The keys only add to the mood with Thompson spitting out vocals over the top. A more atmospheric sound than most the album with a dominate use of the keyboards, and lots of chopping and changing musically with added sound effects unused on previous tracks. This is black metal through and through and it’s brilliant.’

I’moing to make a confession to  my fellow underground metalheads, I don’t like black metal. Never Have. I’ve never got it. But this album is different.  It’s like when you meet someone new and you’re drawn to them. Something about them just sparks something down deep. your imagination starts to run wild and you’re physically and emotionally altered. It’s not an over statement to say that’s how this album made feel. So who knows, maybe there is hope for me yet and maybe Logan Thompson is the man to convert me (in more ways than one!).

Rating: 8/10

Reccomended tracks: ‘War In The Wind’ and “Anno Domini”