2017 Recap: AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

AFI The Blood AlbumAFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

Release Date: 20 January 2017

Label: Concord

Genre: Alternative rock

Almost a year ago, AFI were back with their 10th studio album ‘AFI (The Blood Album)’. Reaching 5th position in the US Billboard 200 and 69 in the UK Official Charts Company albums rankings, AFI were back 4 after ‘Burials’ was bestowed upon the world.

Opening with ‘Dark Snow’, the album begins with a slow and steady beat which is carried throughout many of the earlier tracks but it is ‘Still A Stranger’ where the album really begins. The more upbeat and pleading vocals lend themselves to a much more engaging tune that anybody is sure to bop to with its inoffensive style and lyrics. Don’t underestimate this song though as the bridge reverts back to the band’s former punk-vibe roots with a heavier vocal section too.

Into ‘Aurelia’, the first of the four singles to appear on the album, a melancholic and emotional verse submits you into a slow and emotive insight into the progression of AFI’s musical style and this is also the case with the third single ‘Snow Cats’ which appears later towards the middle of the album at track 8. However, it is the catchy chorus AFI seem to have mastered which brings the track together and ultimately makes clear why this is worthy of one of the single spots on the album.

Skip to track 7 (‘So Beneath You’) and track 12 (‘White Offerings’) and here lies the more punk-inspired tracks which is the stand-out song on the album. The rebellious sound to the is carried by a killer instrumental from Jade Puget (guitar), Hunter Burgan (bass) and Adam Carson (drums) whilst Davey Havok’s rough-around-the-edges vocals complete the pit-perfect tune.

Track 9 ‘Pink Eyes’ follows shortly after and provides yet another sound to the eclectic album AFI created. The guitar line and keys forming the central melody to the track which combines with the power in Havok’s vocals to form a chillingly impressive song which could find a place on anyone’s playlists. Couple this with the harmonies and chants of the backing vocals and thus the truly anthemic track is born.

Despite some criticism, AFI have made their comeback with their best album since ‘Decemberunderground’ back in 2004. The energy and anger from songs like ‘So Beneath You’ and ‘White Offerings’ combined with the slow and melancholic songs like ‘The Wind That Carries Me Away’ meld to form a beautifully-written and performed melodic album. This album shows a great deal of promise should the band continue along this direction of music once again.

Rating: 10/10

Recommended Track: So Beneath You

Interested in hearing more? You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube or on their own website.

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